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Complete School Management System

No More Paper

Digitize your entire academy

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Real Time Communication Between Parents And School

Our Features

Exam System

Library System

Accounting System

SMS System

Exam Management System

Delegation of Mark Entry, Single Subject Wise Mark Update, Multiple Subject Wise Mark Update, Mark Edit from Ledger Report.

Library System

Maintain the record of the library, contains number of available books in the library, the number of books issued or returning or renewing a book or late fine charge record, etc.

Accounting System

Payment,Reports like General Ledger Reports, Student Ledger,Profit and Loss Account, Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Daily Transaction Report etc.

SMS System

Enable mobile devices with mobile application to exchange short text messages.

Bus System & GPS System

Vehicle Movement and Location Tracking, Notification and Bus Location to Parents.

Canteen System

Records food and price data to calculate fee

Communication System

Guardians and Teachers can connect through the app

Bus Route & GPS Tracking

Canteen System

Communication System

E-Payment System

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What Our Client
Say About Us

Hira Sharma Nepal
Principal, Vidhya Sagar English Secondary School

I have been using Nivid for two years and I'm really satisfied. Their support has been immensely helpful. I've been with them from the very beginning and they have not stopped bringing to us new and useful features relentlessy.

Kumar Manandhar
Principal, Kabhre Secondary School, Banepa

Nivid went overboard with my expectations of a School Management System. The integration of multiple features in a single platform has made it easy for us to convert our system to digital.

Basanta Nepal-
Principal, Kavre English Secondary School, Panauti

Easy and reliable. Nivid, the bridge that connects us with the students and their parents.

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